You Should Read This Book

As a fellow member of the social media community trying to make my efforts at blogging, and various other social networking tools effective, I have learned so much from this Businessweek Best Seller: “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott. I will give him due credit for the following post which may help you as much as myself. Here it is!

The topic is: What is Social Media Anyway

His Definition is as follows.
“Social Media provides the way people share ideas, content, thoughts, and relationships online. Social media differ from so-called Mainstream Media in that anyone can create, comment on and add to social media content. Social media can take the form of text, audio, video, images, and communities.”

“The best way to think about social media is not in terms of the different technologies and tools but rather, how those technologies and tools allow you to communicate directly with your buyers in places they are congregating right now.

Just as a point of clarification, note that there are two terms that sound similar here: “social media” and “social networking”. Social media is the super-set and is how we refer to the various media that people use to communicate online in a social way. Social media include blogs, wikis, video and photo sharing and much more. A sub-set of social media is social networking, a term Mr. Scott refers to as how people interact on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, My Space and other similar sites.

What we will be considering on this blog for the next few weeks will be the larger concept of social media. Stay tuned for more posts on this subject and this delightful book.

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Using Social Media in the new economy

One of the most interesting aspects of social media is that people talk about you, your company, and it’s products and service. Create useful content that will be of interest your buyers and while helping communicate your company’s message. Social media does not replace advertising but can be used to lead people into the buying process. You are what you publish, so careful thought and pre-planning is a must! Carefully think about your goals, what you are trying to accomplish and what you want your audience to believe about you.  I will leave you here for the time being. Next time, we create a roadmap to tell your story and direct attention to your website.

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